Artist Live/Work Income Qualification

I have a chance to get into an artist live/work space—the reason I finally gave up on the Bay Area (such places do not exist there) and came to Seattle (such places do exist, and I have been on waiting lists for all of them for 2-10 years). I need to add $2.5K to my annual income to qualify.  I’ve had a bit of commission income this last year, but it hasn’t really been my focus, as my energy’s been going to the Apparel program.

The fastest/easiest way to raise that amount is to sell artwork on hand. (I’ve had lots of interest in commissions, so I’ve started a list. I’m happy to add you to it—but delivery on that will be post-move, and behind several on-deck already. Once we’ve determined a size/price, I charge 50% down, non-refundable. As my goal is to income qualify, I would charge that downpayment immediately.)

I’ve submitted an initial application, with the promise to supplement with additional art income asap. So below are artworks immediately available for sale.

If you’re interested in a purchase, comment here with your contact information, or send an email to to make a bid. If there are competing bids, I’ll let you know.

The caveat is that I likely won’t be able to mail artwork until after the move—which would mean anywhere between mid-May to mid-June—I’ll need the cardboard and bubblewrap for the move…and will use it for artwork shipping, once I’ve landed.

As to the art: some are experiments that never made it to a final stage—feel free to enjoy as-is, or use as the jumping off point to create your own art (if you do that, please share your results…I’d love to see what develops!)—and some is work it’s time to let go.

As ever, thank you, my people, for your interest and support.

PS: Please forgive annoying sizing/lack of scrolling through images—I changed WordPress platforms a while back (not the big/easy improvement I expected), and then WordPress changed format, and I haven’t had a chance to learn how to fix it. Let me know if you’d like me to send a jpg of something.





The link below leads to my website page w/the Loteria cards from the La Loteria Mia series, started in Oaxaca. Individual cards are available for sale. Identify by title, please.

–El Juego de la Vida Mia