La Loteria Mia

The iconographic images of La Loteria are everywhere in Mexico. They’re everywhere Mexico touches. And they are a perfect representation of Mexico, with its syncretic embrace of European and native archetypes, all jumbled together, the sacred and the profane, the day-to-day, the mystical and the mythological.

I started my own Loteria iconography (La Loteria Mia) after my 2003 visit to Oaxaca, during a period when I didn’t have access to a studio–not that I’ve ever actually had a studio–but no spare room/kitchen/bedroom–in which to paint.

I’ve created an iconography from my daily routine:

     from my experience in Mexico:

  from passions and influences:

After that, I began creating Loteria cards for my family (La Familia), sometimes friends. It’s been a means of connecting, of asking about and memorializing a moment in their lives or capturing some aspect of their character.
The full set of La Loteria Mia cards can be seen here.

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