From House to Home/Studio

Our to-do lists have been too long to remember to document much before we’ve dived into work days…and by the end of them, we’ve been too bloody tired to care. But here’s just a little of the Before and After.
There was a Before before this Before of the ground floor, when the walls and closet and the hideous filthy carpet were torn out, but I wasn’t there yet. I came into this part of the house when it was time to tape and corner and mud it, and it pretty much ended up my baby.


Meanwhile, the upper floors needed lots of tearing out, of carpets, padding, tacking, staples…you know: several days bent double or on knees, tweezing and prying out tiny tacks and staples. Neither of us is sure we’ll ever manage a solid grip again.

There was a lot of cleaning up of absolutely rude filth left by former owners, and containing and hauling away of drywall and disgusting carpet. In the rain. Because, Seattle.
We did not take pictures. We were too bedraggled. We did not wish to share.
Sara and family made a run at installing bamboo flooring. Which led to the much more time-saving decision to have them installed by a couple of professionals. Thank you, Vladimir and Alexi.

Meanwhile, Sara and I, plus some awesome friends/family, painted all 3 floors, and returned the trim to every room. A big thank you to Steve and Zanetka and Kirsten and Jen and Lori and Bill and cousins Chris and Lynn and Ryan. Your energy, expertise, and enthusiasm were so appreciated—and exactly what we needed.

There’re still a couple of key projects, and a final clean to do, but we got it pretty much move-in ready…

And the bruises will heal…

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