Help/Work Roster

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Well, f*k. Here I am again. Still. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 30-some years of quasi-art-life, it’s that I can melt down all I want, I can lose my sh*t and burn right down to zero, I can burn into the bloody negatives—and as long as there is a tomorrow, I will have to get back up and deal with it. So I’m back to sailing this ship of fool forward.
The movers come on Monday, so I could use the following help.
(Beer and pizza, or other appropriate offering of thanks, at the end of each day, naturally.)
Saturday, Sept 26 & Sunday, Sept 27    Apartment: Help with final packing, running for supplies, supporting tasks. It’s underway—art stuff will be separated out to go to SF—but I could use extra hands (and brains) to pull the last leg together.
Art: This one’s big: I need a couple of people with a truck, van, mini-van or hatch-back car to move my artwork and supplies to my friend’s basement in SF. Knowledge of artwork handling helpful. This will include probably 30 min to rearrange things already in the space I’m going to occupy.
Monday, Sept 28: MOVE DAY   Movers are taking my apartment to storage, but if someone wants to be on hand to provide one more set of eyes and a bit of perspective, I would welcome the company.
Tues, Sept 29 / Wed, Sept 30: Apartment Cleaning    I’ll be giving the apartment a good cleaning and removing utility shelves from closets—could use help with either or both. And/or, if anyone can recommend a good cleaner, please do.
Wed, Sept 30, 9:30 AM: Move-Out Inspection    Can I get a witness? This property management firm has an interesting take on tenants’ vs. owners’ rights and responsibilities—so I really want someone with me for the final inspection.
Possible Last Words from the Bay Area: I don’t know if this is added incentive, but it’s sinking in: it is genuinely possible that this may be the last time I see you, my people. Not to over-sell it—because there is a part of me that hopes that somehow this release of the apartment shackles might open a door to something more workable in this place that has been home for 26 years—but just in case, I hope working together is a good last thing to do together. Just sayin’…
Message me if you can help. Keeping in mind, of course, that I am going to be packing and moving—much as I’d love to be Facebooking and blogging—the next several days. So if you don’t hear back, just come on by.
xxoo SM