La Dueña de La Casa

This year I made a holiday Loteria card for my housemate, artist Sara Everett. The biggest event in her year, by far, was the buying of a house. On her own. And yet, not alone. Home is a concept she has followed as an artist, so I built this card around elements of her work. The house itself is placed against a cloudless blue sky, saturated with possibility. It is sheltered under one of her Ghosthouses, and incorporates the natural shapes and patterns that she often explores. The reflections of tree and sky are actually taken from the window of an exhibit of one of her large house installations in Bremerton, curated by her Georgetown studio-mate, sculptor Carla Grahn. Barn swallows are known for the unique and beautiful nests they build, and for their community. We had the pleasure of gathering community around us, as we worked on readying the house for move-in. And afterwards. It takes a flock to make a house a home.

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