"Las Tres Coatlicues" at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, SF


carys tres coatlicues and me

I’ve been remiss posting art work–in part because I wasn’t “supposed” to be doing any this year. I increased my commitment to my day-job–a concession to so many other things “increasing” in the Bay Area–and told myself I’d focus one year on financial viability, and then re-assess. But I couldn’t do it.
I took on another new piece–a papel picado, to unify the two Coatlicue paintings I did in Oaxaca in 2005–for the San Francisco Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts’ 2013 Days of the Dead exhibit. It turned out to be a special experience, allowing me to work alongside and with a number of generous and inspiring artists, at every level of their lives as artists: newbies to honored old-timers.
Viability schmiability.
picado whole