–Photo Booth Family Portraits

group cropjpg
During my Thanksgiving visit, my nephew got a hold of my iPad, found the Photo Booth function, and started shooting the family. He has an incisive eye, intense imagination and concentration, and he kept shooting the whole time I was there…and he was most absurd with his own self-portraits–an artist in the making: he is his own best experiment! He left my iPad full of wonderfully absurd portraits, which, to me, cried out for a next step. I knew the kids were getting iPads for Christmas, so I wanted to catch that moment of fun and discovery in a group of paintings–something that will last, long after all those functions are drained of their novelty. One ever-changing and disposable/forgettable artform into an old-hat/traditional artform–with just that tiny bit more staying power, for its physical presence.

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