Opening: Motherland, the 2019 Seattle CoCA Members’ Show

Motherland, the 2019 CoCA Members’ Show opens this Thursday, March 7, 2019.

I am so excited by this show. Besides being my first opportunity to show in Seattle, I absolutely love watching all this disparate work come together around a theme. One of my favorite things about Seattle is that it is so stylistically varied. There are so many approaches to art here, such a range of materials, such a range of styles, from highly polished and futuristic to highly organic, personal, and process-oriented. My work is in wonderful company!

Note: I challenge anybody who knows me to name the piece in close proximity to mine that made me laugh out loud and fall in love at first sight. There is at least one other painter there after my own wicked, ex-Catholic heart.

The Members’ Show is always an invigorating one, as the art covers a broad continuum. The trick for the curators is to pull it all together into something that doesn’t make your head spin—in a bad way—that both leads you through the show, pulling you along from one piece to the next by the narrative the curators have arranged…and yet allowing you to really see each artwork.

From what I’ve seen, once again, the CoCA folks have nailed it. I enthusiastically encourage anyone who can to see this show.

The opening reception is Thursday, March 7, from 6 to 9 PM. Details of the full run here:


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